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Hand Crochet Little Red Shoes

Hand Crochet Little Red Shoes

Hand crochet with love and care

So pretty...
A classic design with a modern twist. These beautifully hand made Mary-jane shoes are loved by babies and their mums.
They are made from our special yarns: 70% certified organic bamboo and 30% Egyptian cotton
Bamboo yarns are amazingly soft, with other natural properties such being anti-bacterial, hypo-allergenic, naturally thermo-regulating, breathable and naturally UV protecting.
These natural properties make bamboo yarns perfect for baby products: they will keep babies protected from the cold or heat, keeping them warm but not over heating.

szie: 0-9months
Red with cream mohair flower motif.
Adjustable straps.
*comes in a box
machine washable at 30 degrees
tumble dry on low
do not bleach