We currently supply independent shops, department stores and online retailers.

If you would like to stock our lovely range, please contact us at for more information. We would love to hear from you!


Why we think that you should stock our products:

1.Our products are uniquely hand made. We are only able to make a certain number of them each year. The products you will stock are so different to mass produced items. Each toy has its own personality and is full of character due to its handmade nature.

2. We take control of every step of the production, from design and the selection of yarns to making the actual items. We use high quality organic cotton, organic wool and bamboo blended yarns. Some yarns are especially spun for us. Quality and details are most important to us. We finish all the products in the UK, so all the products have their final check before they leave for their new homes.The products have been tested or used by our own children to ensure they are safe, durable and practical.

3.Attic is a known brand for handmade gift clothing and toys for babies and young children. Our products have been featured in magazines, news papers and blogs. They are loved by babies, parents and grandparents alike. Also loved by celebrities and even Royalty.

4.We are a small firm and take our customers very seriously. We would love to work with you but not merely as a supplier-client relationship. We would love to hear any ideas or suggestions from you, and try our best to improve our service and products.

5.We continuously invest in developing new products. We keep reviewing our range and our pricing and keep up with the current trend. 

6.However, we think you should stock our products simply because... ... they are gorgeous!


Attic textiles  9 grande

Zara Phillips' little girl Mia was seen out wearing our hand crochet little white shoes (as featured in 'Hello' magazine).